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Online Reiki Readings

Reiki was developed by forward thinking Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in the early part of the 1900’s. Reiki master Usui developed a method of transferring the positive universal energy, known as ki, though selective hand placements, the goddess breathe and powerful spiritual psychic healing. Each area of our body is ruled by a chakra and each chakra is responsive to the touch of a reiki master and the transferral of spiritual psychic healing through the universal energy.

img_best-psychics-readings_online-reiki-readings Japanese Buddhists have also realised that this powerful spiritual psychic healing does not require the touch of the hands on the affected body but quite simply the psychic visualisation and goddess breathing of a reiki master can bring about fantastic results too. With this in mind we’ve gathered the best reiki masters to bring you healing readings on our psychic phone lines.

Online reike readings are thorough and open your chakras to receive positive universal energies and distance healing from your chosen reiki master. It’s use as a complementary therapy goes back many years even though healing readings on our psychic phone lines is relatively new in comparison. Online reike readings are a convenient way of experiencing the powerful spiritual psychic healing from an expert reiki master.

The body is made up of 7 major chakras; the crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra and root chakra. Each of these chakras is a key to an area of your body that will receive the healing ki when the chakra is warmed and opened. With online reike readings you will experience deep spiritual psychic healing that will enable you chosen reiki master to connect with your energy and assess areas that need some attention and healing. One your chakras begin to open to the universal energy you will begin to feel small vibrations around the affected area along with some heat, but nothing too vigorous or offensive. This is the universal energy working our chakra and healing your body. Our healing readings on our psychic phone lines are busy each and every day because people are beginning to realise the power of online reike readings but don’t worry because our lines are never closed so whenever you feel the need to boost your energy you can call our healing readings and psychic phone lines and there will always be a friendly and professional reiki master on the other end of the phone ready to give you the spiritual psychic healing that you need.

Each of us can benefit from this ancient form of spiritual healing whether or not we are aware of it. Sometimes we can feel under the weather and not know why but often it’s the case that we just need to realign our chakras in order for us to feel better and of course our reiki masters online will be more than happy to assist you in bringing balance back to your chakras so that you feel happy, energised and ready to take on the world!

Online Reiki Readings – CLICK HERE
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